Web store for Wholesale and Retail

Why Magento Wholesale and Retail Web Store?

If you have a company that sells products wholesale and retail Magento gives you the opportunity to have the best of both worlds in one place. Wholesale and Retail in one or different domains. Selling products online to your wholesale partners with their rebate policies can be done safely and easily. The sale of goods inside or outside the country can take place easily and quickly.

Web store for Retail and Wholesale

Simple administration and powerful marketing tools make Magento the best solution for creating a Web store. Magento comes with a large number of functionalities and a superior product management tool and allows retailers to customize the Web Store to their needs and requirements. Creating coupon codes for discounts, sending Newsletters, reporting and analysis tools are just a number of options provided by the Magneto Web Store.

One place of administration and maintenance

Although you have a Wholesale and Retail Web Store, your two Web Stores will run on one Magento installation. Which means you have one maintenance location for wholesale and retail customers, product entry and update.

Payment methods

Allow wholesale customers to pay with payment slips, and allow retail customers to pay with credit cards, payment slips, and cash on delivery.

Integration with CRM system or ERP system

If you already have an ERP solution, we can synchronize our Magento Web Store with your system, so Magneto synchronizes stocks, prices and descriptions from the ERP system to the Web Store.

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