Magento Web Store Maintenance

Web shop and Magento maintenance

Digital Plan d.o.o. It provides you with an exceptional level of support in terms of maintaining a Web store. The success of a Web store is closely linked to technology as well as acquired knowledge. Leave the optimization and all the functionalities of your Web store to us. With extensive knowledge of online sales and marketing, we can help not only in terms of technology but also in terms of branding and marketing your products in the digital world. Digital marketing strategies are not a foreign concept to us and getting the maximum potential out of your Web store is not too much of a challenge for us.

Conversion optimization

Optimizing conversions on the Web Store means increasing sales. We analyze problem areas on your Web store to make it easier for visitors to understand and navigate, and to make it as easy as possible for visitors to make a purchase.

Google Analytics audit tool

Have you invested a lot to attract visitors to your website? Do you know how effective your marketing is? We will pragmatically compare all of your digital marketing channels, including the search network, the Display Network, social networks, and suggest improvements.

Marketing strategy

Of the 7 billion people, 39% use the Internet. Your potential customers are right now using cell phones and tablets relying on search engines to successfully and quickly find the products they intend to buy. We can put together a complete Marketing Strategy to dominate this business segment.

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