Use the full potential of your ERP system

Do you have an ERP solution and want to connect a Web store with it? Place your products on the domestic and foreign markets with full automation. The general goal of merging an ERP system and a Web store is to establish a connection between the two systems to make the systems work with each other. Product information is delivered exactly as it is entered into the ERP system while the warehouse and inventory are automatically synchronized with your Web store. All orders and invoicing go with the ERP system with full automation.

Sync the following data:

• Customers (Retail or Wholesale)
• Product groups / Categories
• Quantities of products in stock
• User rebate policies
• Product description with picture and code
• Prices of individual products

Transaction support for ERP synchronization

• Orders
• Delivery notes
• Fiscalized accounts

Real-time integration or Batch integration

Synchronization with your ERP system can be performed in real time, so that any current changes in the ERP system are forwarded to the Web store. Another option is Batch integration, which allows the Magneto system to buy changes at certain intervals and put them into the system.

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