Web store for wholesale

Do you do wholesale?

The wholesale web store is a tool for your business partners to make ordering products as easy and fast as possible online. More detailed product descriptions, and the ability to compare products, are just some of the benefits of the Wholesale Web Store. New customers have the opportunity to search the entire range, without obligation and when it suits them.

The great advantage of a wholesale web store is the partial or complete automation of the entire sales process. On the business side, this means time savings and reduced costs. Magneto is a versatile system that allows you to customize your business processes online. It can be fully or partially integrated with your business processes.

With increased availability, much of the responsibility from the sales representative has shifted to the digital web world. The very use of web technologies to drive sales in the wholesale segment reduces transaction, operational and technology costs.

Web Store Features for Wholesale

Advantages of a Web Store for Wholesale

• Possibility to expand business outside the region.
• Customers can shop at any time of the day.
• Searching and finding your products.
• Large selection of payment methods.
• Multi-currency business.

Sharing warehouses and goods

Allow business partners to take advantage of Magento API capabilities to connect to your Web Store and pick up merchandise in their warehouse for further distribution. A good example of warehouse sharing is that a wholesale Web store sends product information and pricing to your retail partners.

Takeover of warehouses and goods from external sources

If you have an external vendor that has its own business ERP system. Your Magento Wholesale Web Store can download a specific portion of the product from the vendor range. You can download images, descriptions, prices and other data from these systems, all fully automated.

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