Which features will help you to sell successfully?

Find out more about the features of our online stores.

Well-designed online stores are more successful.

A carefully designed web store is not only pleasing to the eye and clear but also gives better sales results. Walmart Canada increased internet sales by 13% when it improved the design of the user experience.

Why is fast loading crucial?

Amazon found that a 1-second increase in load speed results in a 9% increase in sales. The position on Google search and the shopping experience itself are directly enhanced by the high loading speed.

Good SEO because 38% of visits come from Google search engines.

The visibility of your online store on search engines is crucial. The structure of content according to Google standards will allow better positioning on search results.

Let’s encourage the customer at the crucial moment!

Counting down the duration of the promotion will help encourage the customer to realize. Show products in action with one click in each category. Discounted products will automatically appear in the promotion category.

Up to 80% of visits come from mobile devices!

In 2021, an average of 54% of purchases are expected to be made from mobile phones! More than enough reason for an online store to be carefully designed to display on small screens.

Google and Facebook login will provide easier access.

For all those who do not have the will to enter data for creating an account, we offer a one-click login with a social network profile.


Don’t lose earnings due to excessive transaction fees!

We will help you choose the payment processor for online transactions that suits you best.

The majority of customers (68%) will prefer to buy a brand they recognize.

In addition to categories, content can be structured by brand for easier navigation. You can promote selected brands by displaying them on your homepage. Recognizable logos and products will present you in the best light.

Did you know that up to 23% of customers will give up the buying process if they can’t buy without registering?

Special attention is paid to making the delivery and billing selection process clear and simple.

Do customers trust reviews and comments?

According to current statistics, more than three out of four (76 percent) consumers say they trust the reviews they read online as well as personal recommendations.

Shopping list or wish list

A practical tool to help the biggest online shopaholics get organized.

Your customer data is safe.

We provide online business in accordance with the highest security standards.

We provide fast and secure hosting

We offer hosting exclusively for our clients to make sure everything is up to date. With the Cloudflare solution so that the store is always online.

Fast production within 25 working days

We help you get from idea to realization as soon as possible.